We’ve been giving some news for weeks and you still don’t know us. Some of you probably still have lot of questions to ask concerning what we do. Keep calm and let’s meet these wonderful people that will put the Eloncoin to the Moon.

Let’s scroll the mouse to have…

Finally! It has taken us some time to fix some things but we can say we reached the first step that will lead Eloncoin to success : Pre-sale.

We, the Eloncoin team, would like to thank our community for having supported us these last weeks with messages, sharings and memes…

We are close to Presale. We can’t wait to start together this wonderful project we’ve been working on for weeks. Just before the Presale Launch, we will unveil the main features the Eloncoin will bring as soon as it’s released on Pancakeswap. Follow the guide !

Burning powered by Mars…

Pre-Sale is getting… closer than ever. Be ready for Sunday February 28th.

We were proud to introduce the Eloncoin’s Tokenomics yesterday. Today, let’s focus on the roadmap : what did we planned ? What can you expect, as an investor ? Let’s answer to these questions !


March 2021 :

Speaking crypto without technical stuff is like investing in a car without wheels

Pre-Sale is getting… closer than ever. Be ready for Wednesday March 3rd.

Before this official launch, let’s fly together over the features we will bring you through the ElonCoin. Let’s start with Tokenomics.


Contract Address: (coming soon)

Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

We know you asked it. We want you to know it’s coming. Very soon 🤭

Hi, fellow Eloncoin fans. It’s time to introduce the Eloncoin : a deflationary BEP20 cryptocurrency evolving in the DeFi ecosystem. Before giving you anything, we would like to tell you why you should follow us :

🔥 An hypermotivated team dedicated to make sure you make money and have fun : could we believe it ?

💎 Very limited quantity token : gold sounds like trash next to Eloncoin.

💪 New unique features : is Mars gonna be ambitious enough ?

Follow us on Twitter @TheRealEloncoin, Facebook @Eloncoin and Medium @Eloncoin.

Stay tuned for not missing the upcoming pre-sale. We can’t wait to tell you more.


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