Eloncoin — FAQ : Tokenomics

Speaking crypto without technical stuff is like investing in a car without wheels

Pre-Sale is getting… closer than ever. Be ready for Wednesday March 3rd.

Before this official launch, let’s fly together over the features we will bring you through the ElonCoin. Let’s start with Tokenomics.


Contract Address: (coming soon)

Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

PRIVATE SALE (20 000 tokens) : These tokens will be sold from Sunday. They will allow most of you to buy some Eloncoin at a discount price (4$ = 1ELON) before Pancakeswap listing. 93% of this will serve to constitute the liquidity pool.

TEAM (20 000 tokens) : First, these tokens will allow us to guarantee a number of token stays “out of the market”. In a second time, they will probably be converted for the Reward Pool / Staking-Farming.

DEVELOPMENT (5000 tokens): These tokens will start to be slowly sold by the Q3 2021 to bring more funding to the Eloncoin Phase 2 Development.

REWARD POOL / STAKING-FARMING (40 000 tokens) : All these tokens will be mintable on Pancakeswap and Eloncoin.finance staking service.

INITIAL LIQUIDITY POOL — CIRCULATION SUPPLY (15 000 tokens) : These tokens will be made buyable for the Pancakeswap Listing.

Max supply: 100,000 ELON

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Stay tuned if you don’t want to miss the presale and airdrops…